Cultural visits



The MEVM (Museo etnografico della Valle di Muggio) is undoubtedly a reference point for culture in the Muggio Valley. The MEVM is located at Casa Cantoni in Cabbio where the information center is located. The actual museum is located along the various routes of the valley, which connect the important elements in the cultural landscape.

In 2014, the landscape of the Muggiotal was chosen as “Landscape of the Year” in Switzerland and is without a doubt one of the most beautiful alpine valleys in our country.

Two common factors contribute to this fact: the effect of the natural elements such as rock substrate, the climate, on the one hand the vegetation and on the other hand the human intervention through which the territory was changed in order to create a stable settlement. The two factors are closely related to the region as a whole, and the resulting extraordinary landscape is very diverse and surprisingly lush.

Here you will find villages, buildings and historical sites and viewpoints in the middle of nature. The Muggio Valley landscape preserves a rich legacy of evidence of rural civilization. Our valley is an area with peculiarities that are not only historical, artistic and ethnographic, but also ecological and naturalistic. To this day, the landscape reveals traces of a continuous, careful and economical use of the available resources.

Numerous ethnographic records are still in the area: “Nevère”, “Roccoli”, “Graa”, “Bolle”, wells, cisterns, bridges, coal hatches, sheds, mills and chestnut forests.

Aware of this wealth, the Ethnographic Museum has focused its work on enhancing and preserving this unusual heritage since it was founded.

From Scudellate you can easily reach other cultural places in the Mendrisiotto region.

  • Museo d’arte di Mendrisio, in Mendrisio, has had exhibitions dedicated to the great artists of the 20th century for over 20 years.
  • Galleria Baumgartner, near Mendrisio train station, where more than 8000 models of trains have been placed, which for decades have delighted visitors of all ages from around the world.
  • Pinacoteca Züst, in Rancate, an important and historical art gallery of the Mendrisiotto.
  • Museo dei fossili del monte San Giorgio, in a small village in the nearby Monte San Giorgio is this museum, which was renovated and expanded by the architect Mario Botta. Unique fossils from Monte San Giorgio can be admired here.
  • Museo Vincenzo Vela, in Ligornetto, where sculptures recognized around the world can be admired.
  • M.a.x. Museo, Chiasso, whose vocation is to disseminate knowledge of graphics, design, photography and contemporary visual communication.

In addition to cultural activities, you can go shopping in the famous “Fox Town” outlet, which is only 30 minutes by car from Scudellate.

In order to reach some of the sights around Scudellate, transfers can be organised. Our staff are happy to suggest to guests the best activities in Ticino.